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Bounce Fit Studio offers in-person small group training that focuses on strength, mobility, and flexibility.

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I think you're great. I love your teaching style, you give modifications and everything you say fits for me. For example, when you were doing the stomach exercise and you said to keep the feet on the floor if you have a herniated disc, just everything you say is right on. We don't have anyone like you around here.

Ruth H.

I've definitely been having a hard time since having the baby, (there are so many hormones!) and bounce fit has been EXACTLY what I need as an outlet and some me time. You have fostered such a motivating and family like environment and I can't stop telling people about this amazing place I get to work out in!! But really, you are making such a difference in my life! Thank you so much for that!

Kayla G.

Your YouTube full body routine has been a lifeline for me. We are all truing to stay fit and sane during this pandemic, and rebounding with you and your gang is helping more than you know.


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