Bounce Fit Studio

We are a low-impact fitness studio offering video-on-demand and in-home functional group training. Bounce Fit Studio specializes in providing great workout sessions that will keep your joints healthy. The heart of the studio is the Cellericise® rebounder (mini-trampoline) and is the focus of nearly all of our workouts. To compliment the amazing effects of rebounding, Bounce Fit Studio also uses Bullworker and Bodyblade® for strength training, joint mobility, and core conditioning. We strive to provide the best instruction to prevent common injuries due to poor body mechanics. Providing appropriate regressions and/or progressions to alleviate common pre-existing conditions like poor posture and foot pronation is important to us. Bounce Fit Studio will provide an amazing workout to help you lose weight, relieve pain, and become confident.

Meet the owner

Heather Castor started her personal training in a rather unique way. In the 90s, she was rehabilitated from an injury that occurred due to repetitive movements and was removed from the workforce. She subsequently entered the medical field and began working out for the first time. Instantly, she fell in love, but she kept getting re-injured, despite earning her first Personal Training Certification in 1998 from ACE. Through the years and due to all the injuries, Heather has undergone multiple surgeries, including the hips, neck, and back.  She has a genetic connective tissue disease called EDS, which was the cause of all her injuries. She knew she was doing something wrong, but even physical therapists couldn’t help. After studying Paul Chek’s materials, she learned about muscle imbalances, the issues that can be caused by a weak core, and the major effects on our bodies caused by the foods we eat. Because of Heather's background of injury and pain, she has empathy for others and a passion to get them out of pain. 

Meet the owner's son

Jack Castor, age 21, began his fitness endeavor during the early years of his college career. When Bounce Fit Studio opened its doors in 2018, Jack was ready to support his mom and help others become healthier. In the past, exercising was not a passion for him, but rebounding helped him realize the importance of exercise and wanted others to achieve the same feeling. After becoming certified as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Jack started running classes alongside his mom. Now, Jack is passionate about fitness and loves being an instructor. 

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