The Most Rehabilitative Home Gym Can Be Yours
Follow our guidelines for building a low-impact, fat burning, and muscle strengthening home gym.

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With your new home gym, you'll be ready to embark on your fitness journey into well-being where you can live each day confidently.

Our videos will keep you motivated and moving. You'll know exactly what to do with our guided instruction that will yield results and reduce the tendency for injury.

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Start with the Rebounder

Choose between the Cellercise® or Bellicon®


QWhy choose the Cellercise® Rebounder?

A: The Cellercise is a spring rebounder with patented triple-tiered springs that complements the weight of the user, making it safer and more effective than other spring rebounders. The Cellercise® has a shallow bounce that responds with a "pop" feel. 

QWhy choose the Bellicon® Rebounder?

A: The Bellicon® is a bungee cord rebounder. Choose between different strengths to complement your weight or fitness needs. The Bellicon® gives a superior soft and deep bounce with minimal impact. 

QWhat is rebounding?

A: Rebounding uses the force of gravity to induce contractions of the trillion of cells in your body. The cells contract and relax 100 times a minute from head to toe. Rebounding has been studied by NASA and was deemed "The best exercise invented by man".

QWhy is rebounding beneficial?

A: Although it can be challenging, rebounding is LOW IMPACT! The gradual dissipation of energy protects your joints. 10 minutes of bouncing is equivalent to a 30 minute run! Get yours today and kickstart your health to the next level, and have fun doing it!


Add in the Bullworker to Strengthen and improve your muscles using science-proven isometric methods.


The Bullworker line-up is our go-to for increasing strength and lean muscle. By using isometrics, you can have the body you want! The Bullworker allows the user to input as much effort as they feel. Start with the level one spring and improve from there up to level five. No more guessing how much weight you's packed into the spring! The Classic Bow is great for lower body work like deadlifts and lunges while the Steel Bow is perfect for upper body strength and muscle targeting. The ISOBOW is another favorite. It's simple yet so effective! While holding our isometrics, we add in the Cellercise® to get even more contraction. We recommend starting with the ISOBOW and then progressing into the Classic and Steel Bow. 


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Grab the Bodyblade® and Stablize your muscles while working the entire body. Great for rehab!


The Bodyblade® is another favorite. It is rehabilitative and strengthening that can also make a great cardio workout! It uses vibration and inertia instead of weight. The user applies their force into the Bodyblade® and it reflects against your mass. It increases the communication between your nervous system and muscles. An increase in communication leads to a more effective response while providing greater functionality to the joint. Both the agonist and antagonist are working simultaneously making this tool a must-have modality to keep your joints working in harmony. We recommend starting with the Classic Bodyblade®.


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Whole Body Vibration at its best. WBV builds muscle and alleviates pain.


Whole Body Vibration (WBV) by Hypervibe (the best machine on the market) uses high frequency vibrations to stimulate muscles, ligaments, and tendons. From squatting and planking to just standing, every muscle is ramped up and engaged. Many people with arthritis or fibromyalgia use this modality with great success. It's instrumental for pain relief, massage, strength, flexibility, increasing bone density, lymphatic circulation and so much more. 

Note: The Hypervibe is not portable for everyday travel, but is the perfect addition to your home gym.


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